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How to make the most out the London Tube Strike

Oh dear! A new tube strike is hitting London again!

If you’re a commuter, you probably still have a vivid memory of the nightmare you had to go through some time ago, when a first, massive strike was called on January the 8th. A nightmare looking like this.


But every cloud has a silver lining…

During the last strike many of my friends took their good old rusty bikes out of the shed in the morning, put their helmets on and headed to work. And it seems like many other Londoners had the same idea: the city was suddenly turned into a huge cycle line.

In other words, the tube strike has shown potential for a new and greener London: on 6th of January, London breached its annual air pollution limits and the strike has been the chance to turn the city into a potential Copenhagen for one day.

Cycle your way to work

But that’s not the only good side. Many non-cyclist friends told me that, in the end, their bike ride was not a nightmare they imagined it to be: quite the contrary! It was a good and pleasant workout instead. Cycling to work is unexpectedly rewarding  and of course, good for your health.

We already wrote about that: riding your bike helps your heart, keeps you fit, improves your sleep. And it even boosts your mood! Research proves that getting squeezed in a tube coach every morning definitely doesn’t.

Last but not least, cycling has a predictable commute time.  After riding to work a couple of times, you get a feel for exactly how long your ride takes.

And if you still have doubts because you’re afraid it will rain: get armed with a BikeParka and a PacParka backpack cover. And follow our tips to safely cycle back home in the dark!

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