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What is the Stuff Sac? 
BikeParkas also come in a handy and tough 'Stuff Sac' that fits into a day pack. The Stuff Sac measures just 20cm x 12cm (8" x 3" ) and is ultra lightweight, weighing just 14 ounces (400 grams). You can even stuff them away when wet, they won’t damage.

What about shipping and taxes?
We ship from the United Kingdom, and pledge to always ship within 24hrs of receiving your order. Shipping costs can be calculated using your address on your shopping cart page before entering any payment details. Generally they are £5 for UK orders (or free for orders over £50) and £7 for orders within the EU (or free for orders over €100).

Taxes are already included in the price, so there are no additional charges, wherever you order from.

Will BikeParka fit my bicycle?
Yes! From mountain bikes to road bikes to urban bikes, you can be sure your bike will be snug and well protected with one of our BikeParkas.

The URBAN and STASH BikeParkas fit all standard cycles, thanks to their toggle-fit capabilities. The elasticated bottom gives a close fit around the wheels and eyelets allow for ties or small locks. This means each Bike Parka can be tweaked to suit different seat and handle bar heights. In most cases they will also cover additional baskets and carriers if these don't exceed the width of the handlebars or length of the bike.

For larger or smaller bikes, we carry XL or SMALL designs.

How do I fit BikeParka onto my bicycle?
Each BikeParka adjusts to sit slightly differently on each bike to allow for different sized frames, handle bars and seat heights. To fit BikeParka to your bicycle, start by putting the cover under the front wheel then pull the it back over your bike. Take care to fit around handle bars and make sure that the arrow is by the front wheel for the snuggest fit.

Is my BikeParka guaranteed?
Yes. We take pride in our product and service. If for any reason you're not totally happy with your BikeParka, you can send it back to us within 14 days for a full refund.

What if I rip my BikeParka?
We hope this won’t happen – it’s really tough! The fabric is Ripstop so it won’t shred, but accidents can happen and if you do have a snafu, your BikeParka can easily be fixed with a tent repair kit. They’re cheap, easy to use and available from all good camping stores.

Is BikeParka available in stores?
Yes! BikeParkas are sold in-store throughout Europe and selected stores in the USA and Japan.